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 Misc section and gaming news

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Misc section and gaming news Empty
PostSubject: Misc section and gaming news   Misc section and gaming news EmptySat Feb 16, 2013 3:44 pm

considering the grey area that is what sections go where I think having a misc section would be a good idea. and also there are a lot of off shoot games that vaguely fit as a shooter, or as an action adventure game, and considering how main stream those 2 genres are the big names tend to push the other ones out. having a separate section for those would let them stand out a bit. it could even be used for indie games in general. stuff that people arent that familar with that tend to fly under the radar. it would allow for 1 section for all the small name games to group up, and a place for people to share lesser known gems, or find them.(id also consider folding music/rhythm into this as it was a fad genre that doesnt really have much following anymore, plus the topic in there arent even half a page)

for example I was going to make a topic about waking mars, which is technically a side scrolling section adventure/survival game. but what it is really about in many ways is being a gardener on mars. on creating and sustaining an eco system that starts barren and eventually interacts with itself in interesting ways and ends up taking on a life of its own. it is very much distinctly different then "action/adventure" games, and yet would still be defined as such.

Also i think it would be kinda nice to have a sub section to general discussion for dedicated news discussion. but I can definitely understand just keeping that as part of general, as it isnt all that active (though I do plan on posting more gaming news sections soon)
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Misc section and gaming news

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