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 The purpose of this forum

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The purpose of this forum Empty
PostSubject: The purpose of this forum   The purpose of this forum EmptyTue Mar 24, 2009 12:06 am

This is a call to all!

What is the Sixth Nation of Gamers?

 We had one main reason for creating the site that is The Sixth Nation. Really, it had many purposes for me personally. But there was always one main goal. To build a community of gamers from all titles and all consoles and to come together in one place to meet up, talk, the things communities like that do.  

  I myself had found that while corporate/sponsored sites designed around just one game series,console, developer, etc were fun and filled with great people, they were also prone to sudden change. They were over crowded, or too stuffy. They would fill and empty as the games came and went. In all that there is change in membership. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But the fluctuations bugged me.

 Other social media sites offer many features, but none that seem to fit our needs fully. That, and they just are not as secure as they seem. Of all the different types of media services out there, I've only ever been hacked on FB. But ultimately, we have no rights on any of them over the content we place there. What do we do if FB removes groups? Or Discord is bought out? Or....fill in the blank.
Any of those sites can change what they offer. Or how. What we do is at risk of being undone by another faceless entity. That's unacceptable.

 We want to have a place where we and any others could go with out concern of such things. It only changes when we change it. It only ends when we stop logging in. There is no reliance on one game, its console, the social media sites, or anything other than on one another. As a community shouldWe hope you come along for the ride. You become "us". You see.....
It's on our terms here.

Friends I have met from all around my gaming adventures came in support.
I thank you all.
We would not be what we are now with out that. With out YOU! Your impacts will remain here, imbedded into an identity that does not belong to just one individual. But a whole group.
We are you. You are us. That is for Always!

As all things new, we started small, a little uncertain, and in this very forum which echoed after every post. That's how empty it was. We have returned here now, full circle, to carry on and to do what we stated we always would do. To create a home that is ours and ours alone. To offer a place where others can find safety and stability.

I've seen with my own eyes how great a community can be when the community itself lays the foundation and constructs a fun site and forum with the tools given to them. I'm relying on the idea that a forum and site built and designed around the users and for the users, will have a continued user base, and room to always grow. Your participation in the community is vital. I often say, I'm the guy with an admin panel and a couple ideas. I am one voice. Together, we make a louder voice. This is your home too, and I hope you see that when entering the forums and pages of this site.

No matter how you found us, we hope you enjoy your stay. Stick around. Tell your buddies to swing by.
The goal is one!
To build a Nation of Gamers, divided by nothing, but united in a belief that through good friends, solid community involvement, and just good fair fun gaming that every goal can be reached, and all things can be built to outlast.

What ever you do while visiting, please follow the forum Rules at all times.
Check the "Things To Know" section for them and be sure to read the topic titled Basic Forum Features.
If you have any question, please feel free to Personal Message me or any member of our Administrative or Moderation Staff.

Ideas...... are always welcome.
A suggestion is only useless when it hasn't been offered yet so please drop one in our Suggestion Box if you have something you'd like to say or an idea that can improve our atmosphere.

Hey, we don't make the games. But this is OUR home.
Welcome to the Sixth Nation of Gamers.

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PostSubject: Re: The purpose of this forum   The purpose of this forum EmptyTue Apr 19, 2011 7:52 am

I love you
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The purpose of this forum

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